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We Make Corporate Taxes Easy For Business Owners

Navigating the complexities of corporate tax returns can be daunting for business owners. Partnering with a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) offers a strategic advantage. A CPA ensures compliance with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) and optimizes your company's tax position. Our team provides expert guidance on tax planning, helping your business maximize deductions and credits, minimize liabilities, and avoid costly penalties.

We aim to simplify corporate financial tax planning. That's why we send all of our clients customized checklists outlining what we need from them to prepare their year-end documents.

Let our team do the heavy lifting to prepare your corporate return. We work closely with local Kelowna businesses of all sizes to keep their good standing with the CRA. Partner with our team to help refine your tax strategy for maximum savings.

Why Choose Max Eisner Consulting & Accounting For Your Corporate Tax Needs?

Choosing us for your accounting and tax services means partnering with a committed and experienced team that prioritizes your business's financial health and compliance. Our dedication to excellence and thorough understanding of Canadian tax laws ensure that your corporate tax returns are meticulously prepared and filed accurately. We focus on minimizing your tax liabilities and optimizing your potential savings. We tailor our services to meet your business's unique needs, providing personalized advice and proactive tax planning strategies.

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Yearly Corporate
Tax Returns

Our team ensures accurate and timely filing of corporate tax returns, optimizing deductions and minimizing liabilities to comply with CRA regulations. We send you a checklist of outstanding items so you know exactly what's needed from your end to get your return filed.
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Financial Reports
& Statements

We provide comprehensive financial reporting services, delivering precise and insightful financial statements to support informed business decisions. We can work together on this yearly or check in periodically leading up to year-end to make sure you're on track.
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Tax Planning &

Our tax planning and business consulting services offer strategic advice to help you maximize savings, manage liabilities, and align with your long-term business goals. We stay aware of updated tax policies so we can advise you using the most up-to-date information.
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CRA Audit

We offer meticulous CRA audit preparation, ensuring your records are complete and accurate and representing you confidently to resolve any audit inquiries. Audits don't have to be stressful when a dedicated team supports you.

We Offer Standalone Corporate Tax Returns.

Most CPAs require you to get a corporate tax return and a financial statement. We're happy to help customize our services to your needs. This can make your accounting services more affordable and ensure that you're getting the level of service you need. We also happily offer financial statements if required and can help with regular check-ins throughout the year. The amount of time we work together is entirely based on your needs! Get in touch today to learn more about working together on optimizing your corporate tax strategy.


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